In 1606, the Virginia Company of London set sail for the New World. A grueling year later, the Susan Constant, the Godspeed, and the Discovery made landfall in modern-day Virginia Beach. Three Ships Coffee is an homage to that local history and the mighty, adventurous spirit of the first settlers of Jamestown.

A small team of self-made roasters, we are a hometown operation that reveres our community and believes in the fierce good will that can be shared over coffee. Our journey lies in bringing you a unique, perfectly complex cup of coffee.  Hard work, attention to detail, and a deep love of flavor power our process from seed to cup. 



First and foremost we are a Coffee Roaster. From bean to cup our goal is to give our customers a truly different coffee experience. Our style of coffee is heavily influenced by Scandinavian roasters and coffee experiences in the Pacific Northwest. Each coffee has its own unique story. Its origin, farmer and terroir are celebrated by our roasting team with a unique roast profile that expresses natural beauty and complexity. 


The Roastery

Our Roastery and Coffee Bar was created to give us a platform to share our passion and deep love of flavor with our customers. Whether it’s micro lot coffee on pour over or one of our world class latte drinks, our knowledgeable crew guides each customer to a unique coffee experience. We also offer a variety of unique seasonal teas and operate a scratch bakery that specializes in country biscuits and seasonal handpies. In addition, we supply coffee to some of the best restaurants and retail shops in town.


THE Susan constant

While production is done from our Roastery, you can find the Susan Constant navigating local waters on Saturdays at our local farmer's market. Our steadfast vessel features cold brew coffee on tap and a standard cup of coffee. We offer homemade specials that fluctuate with the seasons and our tastes. Contact us about availability.