Our Story

In 1606, the Virginia Company of London set sail for the New World. A grueling year later, the Susan Constant, the Godspeed, and the Discovery made landfall in modern-day Virginia Beach.

Three Ships Coffee is an homage to that local history and the mighty, adventurous spirit of the first settlers of Jamestown.

We are artists at heart.  Like many people, we were desperately longing for a creative outlet for our talents while searching for a sense of community in the Hampton Roads area.  These things intertwined and allowed us to draw from our combined education, tastes and passions to create a specialty beverage brand.  

The idea to create a specialty brand of coffee was a gradual evolution.  It is the story of who we are and how our experiences came together.  

The unwavering, energetic force behind Three Ships Coffee is Brad Ewing.  He has always possessed a passion for beverages of all varieties, which was how he first stumbled across specialty coffee.  It was an “aha” coffee moment.  He caught the bug and began dreaming up how he could bring a different coffee experience to Virginia Beach.  He has a deep love for his hometown and strong desire to build a cultural identity for the area beyond a tourist city.  He plans to make Three Ships Coffee a World Class Roaster that locals can be proud of.

The Coffee Roaster, Amy Ewing, is the taste behind the brand.  Before she began this adventure she was a Fine Wine Sales Consultant for five years and holds an Advanced WSET Certificate, where she was taught by a Master of Wine.  The correlation between wine and specialty coffee is parallel, so the transition was surprisingly easy and natural for her.   In addition, she is a classically trained violinist beginning at the age of four, so it’s no surprise that practicing scales have made the craftsman approach in roasting like second nature.  Her impeccable palate and attention to detail have been key factors in creating a really great cup of coffee. 

When travelling, we immerse ourselves in local food and culture, taking extra care to search out the special identity of each place.  We strive to bring exciting and memorable experiences home with us to share with our community.

Together, we are a small operation and our aim is to stay that way - learning, growing and finding a little fun along the way.  In the processing from bean to cup, there is an incredibly large amount of hard work.  We have the utmost respect for the hands through which it passes before it comes to yours.  We couldn't be happier to put our passions and our skills to good use and offer you an exceptional coffee experience, to which we hope you will return.


Brad and Amy Ewing, Three Ships Coffee

The Roastery

Our goal is to give our customers a truly different coffee experience.  This is achieved with a craftsman's attention to detail in how we source, roast, and serve our coffees. We define a quality cup as one that is clean and exhibits a high degree of complexity.  We are a nordic style coffee roaster.  What this means is that we roast lighter than what has become traditional.  We aim to expose the natural beauty and fruit qualities that best represent the coffee growing region where they are sourced.  It’s also very important for us to engage our customers and help them through how we experience each coffee.  Our coffees vary based on seasonal harvests to ensure they are as fresh as possible when we roast and sell them.

THE Susan constant

While production is done from our Roastery, you can find the Susan Constant navigating local waters on Saturdays at our local farmer's market. Our steadfast vessel features cold brew coffee on tap and a standard cup of coffee. We offer homemade specials that fluctuate with the seasons and our tastes. Contact us about availability.